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Contenders for the Faith is a Christian boys club similar to scouts, and this is the only website out there that focuses on helping you build your own club, wherever you are. Contenders focuses on building a God-glorifying character in our sons while they learn fun, helpful and interesting skills.

Click on the links in the left sidebar to investigate what we're up to! "Our Activities" will give you a run-through of what we are working on; clicking on a certain topic such as "Knot Tying" will give you a full description of that meeting, including:

-the intro to the topic including materials list
-the Scripture relating to that topic
-pictures of the boys at the meetings
-a breakdown/tips for the logistics of that particular topic

We communicate with each other through a Yahoo! Group. It's a great way to communicate with many people at once, and starting your own Yahoo! group is easy. One helpful feature of the group is the ability to make databases, files, and conversation threads for your group. Only people who you invite and approve can join your Yahoo! group. If you are local to Round Rock, Texas and would like to join, click the link and do so! This particular Contenders is comprised of homeschooling boys.

We made this site so that our boys and their families can see what they've done, but another important reason is so others can more easily set up their own Contenders Clubs. There is a lot of support and information for the sister scouting program, Keepers of the Faith, but little out there for potential Contenders. So feel free to use this website as an informative guide to starting a Contenders in your own area!