Personal Skills

  1. Hygiene: Wash hands, take bath, wash hair, brush teeth, change clothes... chart for 4 weeks. Make kit incl. nail clippers, file, comb, etc.
  2. Fitness: stretching, routine, effects on health
  3. Health: vitamins/ minerals, food groups, sleep, balance, food diary, God's dietary laws
  4. Finance: tithing, savings, make deposits, interest, Proverbs 22:7, price comparison, sale prices, budget
  5. Letters: format of envelope and letter, write 8 letters, email etiquette.
  6. Organization: grouping, sorting, motion efficiency, check 4 weeks to see if drawers, closet, hobby supplies, etc are organized
  7. Personal Journal
  8. Scheduling
  9. Manners/ Propriety:
-table manners
-address adults (sir, ma'am)
-Stand, walk, sit nicely
-importance of being clean
-what good speaking manners are
-what behavior is appropriate for church, store, etc
-answer telephone well
-how to ask for something

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