Serving Others

  1. Ecology (Recycle, actions to assist environment)
  2. Community Service (Learn about needs, raise money, volunteer for organizations and events)
  3. Family:
    1. Pray for each family member for 30 days. Make a chart to reflect whom for and when you prayed.
    2. Tell your family member that you love them, and hug them each day.
    3. Do one extra nice thing for each member to show you love them.
    free print-out of chart here.

  4. Friends (pray, be kind, write note, birthday, biblical study of the word, friend)
  5. Grandparents: Interview your own grandparents or get to know an older couple.
  6. Love (1 Corinthians 13, pray, obey, be kind)
  7. Neighbor (serve neighbors, greet)
  8. Others (serve, visit, write to)
  9. Patriotism
  10. Rest Home (visit, give gift, listen to)
  11. Special Needs (read non-fiction book, biography, serve, learn some ASL)
  12. Widows (get to know, serve)

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