WHY Contenders?

PURPOSE: To become a competent, skilled young man who is not only willing, but able, to take a stand for Jesus, and defend his faith.

GOAL: To have a teachable spirit so that I may master the different crafts and skills which will enable me to become a complete, capable, well-balanced Christian young man.

from the Contenders Handbook, p 15.

Why join or start a Contenders For the Faith, instead of joining the local Boy Scouts or Awana club? There are many reasons.

1. It is from a Christian worldview, and values, teaches, and reinforces Biblical standards and ideals that are being taught at home.

2. It encourages boys to learn and enjoy boyish things- many activities today are geared towards or cater to girls.

3. Boys can get to know a variety of other boys. As a group primarily composed of homeschoolers, this is especially important! Sisters are nice, but they need time with other testosterone-driven, like-minded BOYS!

4. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for the boys to reach goals and earn pins.

5. In additition to the scheduled activities, boys can pursue goals/interests/pins on their own.

6. The parent decides when the boy has completed the requirements for earning the pin.

Here's a letter from Jeff Zakula, author of the Contenders for the Faith Handbook for Young Men:

Dear Young Men,

Contenders for the Faith is an exciting way to prepare for your future. What kind of man will you be? Will you be a man of God? Will you be a man who knows the Bible? Will you be a man who knows about many things? Will you be a man who knows how to do things? Will you be a man of widely varied knowledge and skills? The choice is yours! God has given you the ability to learn and become skillful, and Contenders for the Faith will help you to develop that ability. You will learn to do projects, become handy with tools, become acquainted with nature, be a leader, understand scholarly things, care for others, develop a relationship with God, and become a man of character.

We never lose the skills and abilities that we develop when we are young. We tend to get better at them with age. We should always learn everything that we can when we are young. We may never be able to go back and learn later the things we can learn now. So don't miss out! Get busy right away.

I pray that each young man will use this book and program to become a wise, capable, and refined leader of his own family, church, and community someday. All the great leaders in the Bible exhibited these traits. Remember, God wants to use you. You don't want to disappoint Him by being unprepared because of what you didn't take time to learn.

Have fun- because learning is fun!

Mr. Zakula